Our Wells,
Your Well-Being

Our Wells,
Your Well-Being


Stemming from the natural springs of the UAE, Gulfa Mineral Water and Processing Industries LLC was founded in 1975 as the GCC’s first bottled mineral water.

Along the years, Gulfa has maintained high quality processing and manufacturing standards and has become a trusted household name, making it a staple in shelves and fridges throughout the region.

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No matter the occasion, Gulfa water is conveniently available in a range of sizes that suit your needs.


Gulfa was founded as the first water company in the GCC and has since raised the standards of our bare necessity of water consumption. The springs in Masfout that are surrounding the foundation of Gulfa have been naturally flowing through centuries, and it is through Gulfa that we are able to consume such mineral-enriched water to our convenience.

In addition to producing some of the richest and finest water, Gulfa Water Company prides itself in being a family tradition in all senses, with is employees at the helm. With most of its employees having lived on the grounds and worked for Gulfa for decades, Gulfa prides itself on its employees being a community that works together as a family. With a family approach, and with a desire to protect the environment, Gulfa is continuously seeking ways to become more eco sustainable by implementing various initiatives to reduce usage of plastic and move towards a solar energy approach.

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