No matter the occasion, Gulfa water is conveniently available in a range of sizes that suit your needs.

330 ML

Ideal size to accompany a meal on the go

330 ml x 24 carton
330 ml x 24 shrink pack
330 ml x 12 shrink pack
330 ml x 6 shrink pack

500 ml

Convenient design to take away

500ml x 24 carton
500ml x 24 shrink pack
500ml x 12 shrink pack
500ml x 6 shrink pack

1.5 Liter

Stylish design ideal for any occasion

1.5 liter x 12 carton
1.5 liter x 6 shrink pack

Miniature Cups

Just the perfect size for a sip with a quick bite

200 ml x 36 cups carton
125 ml x 48 cups carton
100 ml x 48 cups carton

Delivered to
your doorstep

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