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The Gulfa story started in 1975 when it became the first brand of bottled mineral water in the GCC. From then, until now it’s maintained the very best quality standards in terms of processing and manufacturing. This legacy has made Gulfa Water a household name, and a staple in shelves and fridges throughout the region.What is unique about Gulfa is it’s source, coming from Masfout in the southeast of the UAE. A small town with plent of charm, and most famous for it’s Calcium Mountains that extend almost up to the sultanate of Oman. Accompanying these mountains are highly fertile valleys that have running water throughout the year and because of these that the area is considered is a major agricultural hotspot of the country.

The Minerals which the land of Masfoot have become dissolved in the water as it moves through the underground rocks. This gives the water natural richness and benefits.

The journey of the brand has been long, but the journey of the product is anything but with the water being drawn locally from an underground base of rocks from the Gulfa natural springs in Ajman, UAE.


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